Townsville City Council Plan Right Assessment

Townsville City CouncilMilford Planning Consultants has been awarded its Plan Right accreditation by Townsville City Council, which enables us to fast track certain development applications and deliver approvals with more certainty, for less.

Both George Milford and Heidi Cooke were the first fully accredited town planning consultants endorsed under this system that provides for the streamlined assessment of certain development types within Townsville City. 

The Plan Right system is a consultant-driven assessment process that gives the certainty in the development outcome by having the consultant prepare the approval package, conditions and infrastructure charges for Council’s endorsement. Council is committed to a 5 business day turn around for the approval from lodgement, and provide absolute certainty that the development will be approved.

This process is further incentivised by Townsville City Council by significantly reducing the development application assessment fee to approximately 25% of the otherwise applicable charge.

The Plan Right process can only be applied to certain types of development, which are:

Milford Planning Consultants are accredited to undertake all of the above assessments.  The Townsville City Council are looking to incrementally increase the extent of low-risk applications that can be managed through this process.

Whilst it is a new initiative, Milford Planning’s accredited consultants have already successfully delivered several projects through this fast-tracked process.