Whitsunday Region Draft Planning Scheme

 Whitsunday Regional Council: Comment on the Draft Planning Scheme

Whitsunday Regional Council has commenced the second round of public consultation for its draft planning scheme.

Commencing on the Monday, 29th August 2016, the public consultation period will run for seven weeks, concluding on Friday 14th October 2016. 

The new planning scheme will not only provide a consolidated vision for the Shire which currently operates under two planning schemes, but is intended to deliver a consistent and modern development assessment framework for the region. 

Since the first round of public consultation undertaken in late 2015, a number of amendments have been made to the draft scheme resulting in a requirement for a subsequent consultation period.  

These main changes largely relate to the removal of the Airlie Beach Local Plan and a reduction in building heights in Airlie Beach.  The draft planning scheme originally allowed building heights of up to eight storeys on the southern side of Airlie Beach Main Street and up to 12 storeys around the Port of Airlie.  

These issues formed the large majority of the 693 submissions received during the first round of consultation, with 611 submissions alone relating to Airlie Beach Built Form (Submission Analysis Report, Whitsunday Regional Council, 2015). 

Importantly, this second round of public consultation provides residents and property owners with another opportunity to lodge a submission with Council.  

Although this secondary consultation period is aimed at ensuring the community is appropriately informed of the changes made to the draft scheme – particularly those listed above – submissions can still be made on all other matters the scheme deals with. 

Milford Planning Consultants encourages all residents and property owners to review the revised planning scheme and determine what opportunities it may provide and impacts result otherwise from the new scheme. 

This period presents a significant opportunity to lodge a submission that might:

Submissions can be made:

As always, Milford Planning Consultants would be pleased to provide advice about how this draft might affect any party’s interest in the Shire.