Ayr Industrial Masterplan

Milford Planning and GHD have entered into a partnership and combined their respective town planning, engineering and environmental science expertise to deliver the Ayr Industrial Estate Masterplan for the Burdekin Shire Council.  The Burdekin Shire Council recently engaged Milford Planning and GHD to prepare the masterplan, with works commencing in January 2018.

The purpose of the project is to deliver a masterplan that investigates strategies to ensure that future expansion of the Ayr Industrial Estate is undertaken in a logical and cost-effective way, and responds to the site constraints and future assessment criteria relevant to realising future development.  The masterplan is necessary to ensure Council is able to plan and meet the demand for industrial land in the Shire and will provide Council, key stakeholders and prospective investors with a blueprint that clearly identifies the options available for future expansion of the Ayr Industrial Estate and secures industrial land supply into the future.  

The team’s approach is to provide Council with a multidisciplinary and high standard of professional service, which addresses the different constraints impacting on the expansion of the estate, and most importantly is built on relevant experience and a passion to deliver quality local outcomes.  The site constraints affecting the Ayr Industrial Estate include a nearby wetland protection area, localised flooding impacts, stormwater drainage and road layout and access opportunities.  The coordination of this project under George Milford, and coupled with the technical expertise by GHD, paves the way for the delivery of a comprehensive and robust masterplan that effectively mitigates the impact of future expansion of the Ayr Industrial Estate on the identifies site constraints, and establishes a roadmap for future growth of the industrial sector within Burdekin Shire over the next twenty years and clearly identifies the most cost-effective approach to realise the future expansion.

The Ayr Industrial Estate Masterplan will be completed in March 2018.