Mapping & Urban Design

    Masterplans and maps are important planning tools – and we have expertise in preparing them for a wide variety of applications and uses.


    Mapping is an essential planning tool that presents information spatially.  We utilise GIS software to prepare maps and plans for a variety of purposes – such as masterplans, opportunities and constraints mapping that might surmise relevant State Government and Council Overlay issues, or high level mapping that can be used at a regional level to identify sites with certain attributes or a combination of attributes (i.e. proximity to infrastructure and a minimum size, and flood free, and vegetation free).

    Masterplanning and Design

    Milford Planning has a strong background in design, with George Milford originally trained in design and practicing since 2003.  This has provided the backbone for our team to:

    • prepare and deliver several local and proto area plans on behalf of Townsville City Council for North Ward and the Hyde Park Medical Precincts;
    • develop strategies and plans for the growth and expansion of several of James Cook University’s Precincts;
    • Inform the masterplans developed for Mount Low, Bushland Beach, Mount Margaret and the Townsville Distribution Precinct.

    Our preferred means of delivering these services is through a collaborative approach with the project’s surveyor and engineer – resulting in robust, well considered and cost-effective concept development.

    Subdivision Layout

    We have capacity to quickly and cost effectively prepare subdivision layouts for urban infill subdivision projects, and offer this as a service for our clients.  This results in the streamlined preparation of the development applications, minimising cost in engaging several consultants for relatively simple projects.  The volume of infill projects that we have successfully delivered over the past decade has given us certainty about prospects, interpretation of policy, solutions to development problems and a comprehensive understanding of what has been achieved elsewhere.